event organizing/promotion


in need of some assistance with hosting an event? We got You covered.

We have extensive experience when it comes to hosting/organizing/promoting your parkour or fitness based events.

We’ve successfully hosted multiple events, here in Florida, for the parkour community. Our team has organized the two largest ever community competitions/jams in Florida, a month apart from each other. Each event had over 100 participants and spectators attend. You can check out some highlight videos of those below.

On top of hosting killer events, we’ve also put together a 2 week tour across the entire state of Florida, hosting jams and meetups at every parkour recognized city. With nearly a hundred people attending in total to come out and train as a community. You can view our episode series, on our IGTV, covering the two-week tour by clicking here.

Contact us at info@soflomvmnt.com to find out how we can help with your next big event.

the two largest parkour events in florida